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TI-TI Link Schematics

• About the TI-TI Link
• Building the TI-TI Link
• Additional Information

About the TI-TI Link
This cable links two calculators together so that you may transfer programs and other items between them. With the right programs on the calculators you may also play network games and chat. A TI-TI link should have been included with your calculator but if you have lost it or need a longer one you may want to make one.
The TI-TI Link can also be used as a link from a calculator to a Serial/Parallel Link. The TI-TI link is a plain 2.5mm Stereo plug to 2.5mm Stereo plug cable and can be used with any device with a 2.5mm socket.

Building the TI-TI Link
This cable is relatively easy to build, but filing away some of the plastic and metal can be a bit tricky.

The Schematics

Materials Needed Equipment Needed
  • Soldering Iron
  • Wet Sponge
  • Solder
  • Clamps and/or a vice to assist you
  • Wire Stripers and Pliers.
  • Multimeter
  • File to file away metal and/or plastic

Set up and Safety
When soldering make sure you are in a well ventilated area due to the fumes created by the heated flux in the solder. Once you have finished soldering make sure you wash your hands because the solder contains a small amount of lead, which is poisonous and can penetrate your skin if you don't remove it. If you are worried about this fact you may use gloves but they hinder the mobility of your hands. To be extra safe, wear glasses for eye protection and an apron so you don't burn your clothes by accident.
When setting up your work area have everything neatly in their places so you can easily access everything. The sponge is used to clean the tip of the soldering iron when it becomes dirty.

Detailed Instructions
  1. Carefully strip off about 5mm from the cable and the wires inside on both ends. If you have a 4 or more core cable either combine the spare wires with the earth wire (bottom/base) or cut them off.

  2. Twist the individual wires (including the shielding, if any) and pre-solder them.

  3. Before attaching the cable to the 2.5mm Stereo plugs, file away some of the metal and plastic so that the plug will easily fit into your calculators port. You don't need to do this step if the plug already fits into the port of the calculator with out being hindered by the plastic around the port of the calculator.

  4. Slide the two covers for the plugs onto the cable (the right way around).

  5. Solder the wires on the corresponding contacts on both 2.5mm Stereo plugs. If you have a shielded cable use the shielding as earth (bottom/base, the biggest contact) and the other two cables as the tip and middle. Make sure that the three wires don't touch each other.

  6. Use a multimeter to test if the Link works. Do this by touching the contacts of the multimeter on the Tip of one end to the Tip on the other, and the same with the Middle and Bottom. If they have contact, then it should work. Also test if the Top, Middle and Bottom don't have contact with each other.

  7. Screw the covers on the plugs, test it with two calculators or with a working Serial/Parallel/Black/Silver/Grey link to a calculator.

  8. Your TI-TI cable is now complete.

Additional Information
Check out our Features article to find out what types of programs are available for your TI and where to download them.
This cable also works for other devices with 2.5mm sockets

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