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Terms of Use

Any one may freely browse the content of this Web Site with the condition that they understand that Pacmeb provides all information on an 'as is' bases and isn't responsible for the accuracy of the content nor is Pacmeb responsible for any resulting damage from the content (including but not limited to the Pacmeb Database, any technical support, the calculator section or any information posted on the forum. This is inclusive for Pacmeb and all associated.

Certain parts of this Web Site may be copied to a certain point where in plagiarism doesn't occur e.g. copying a whole table of the database and inserting it into another web site or document.

The content of the Pacmeb database may be copied and a new table created from this information but copying the table and modifying it isn't allowed (e.g. removing/adding fields or removing "") without written consent. Users are allowed to post the tables in on-line classifieds or on-line auctions such as eBay providing they don't remove the fine print or "" from it.

The calculator section is Open information; this includes the schematics, the instructions written by Pacmeb. Usage of the schematics and selling of cables may require written consent from their respective creators.

The unique graphics created by Pacmeb excluding any other web sites that Pacmeb has created, the Pacmeb logo and the header (at the top of the page), may not be copied or distributed for other than personal use. The Pacmeb logo and Mac.Pacmeb logo may be displayed on third party web sites to refer to this site.

No one may use the name Pacmeb other than referring to this site, it is a unique name, it has no meaning and therefore there are no excuses.

Any site may link to any page on this site.

By browsing this site you agree to these terms and if you are unsure of any of these Terms of Use or require written permission please Contact Us.

Pacmeb has the right to change these Terms of Use at any time, without notice.
Last Updated: 1st of March 2004

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