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About Pacmeb

Pacmeb first started in November 2000 by Andreas Wulf to create a web site for Diamond D Technologies, from this a name was required to display at the bottom of the site as credit and the name Macweb was thought of, after some research it was discovered that this name was already being used by two or more sites. January 2001 the name Pacmeb was derived from the word Macweb by including the acronym PC, dropping the 'w' and jumbling the letters around, it was made to be unusual to make sure it wasn't used elsewhere. From this a logo was formed, and a web site was planned.

Development for the site began, the logo changed to what it is today and the original site was completed in July 2001, featuring Web Design, Tech Support and a large Mac Specifications database. This site never took off.

With the original site being poorly designed, version two came out in 2002 with a better and easier to use interface, a completely re-written database and more, after time the header was upgraded once more and other features were added such as a forum and a site search engine.

Pacmeb has many services including Web Design, Technical Support and On-Line services, separated in appropriate categories on the site.

Web Design: Pacmeb creates professional looking web site.

Mac.Pacmeb: This is a Mac Community site containing Articles, Product Specifications, Links, News and a discussion Forum.

Calculator Section: Contains information for Calculators from Texas Instruments such as Links, Calculator to Computer link schematics and a list of extra features that these calculators have.

If you have any enquiries please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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